Two Sisters with a Vision

Sisters Donna Sue Compher and Michael Ann Phillips had a vision to create a unique atmosphere that is fun and relaxing while shopping. When you walk into the store, you will find yourself in a very unique 3700 square foot space.

Our store has four sections. In the boutique area, you will find baby items, children, teen, young adult and women's items with accessories such as jewelry, tote bags and much more. The other sections contain a garden center, home decor, gourmet food and accessories, craft beer and wine area.

We have created a space for you to shop, or relax while enjoying a glass of wine or beer in our cozy Lounge area. Be sure to follow us on Facebook because we support local musicians most every Friday night from 7pm-9pm. Our Facebook page will keep you in the know as to what is happening at Sisters in Berlin!!


Sisters is Dedicated to our Mom, Sue

Our mother Sue was a big inspiration in our lives. Her favorite bird was a hummingbird. Mom loved to make the hummingbird food, fill the feeders, then sit back and wait for the tiny creatures to appear. How exciting it always was when the first hummingbird of the season sipped from the feeders she filled days before while anticipating their arrival.

Mom also loved wind chimes. She loved the various sounds different chimes would make. We have filled the store with some of her favorite items such as anything to do with the garden; pots, flags, ornaments, feeders and wind chimes.

Sue Marine lost her battle with lung cancer November 7, 2006. She left behind a family who loved her very much. She was a Mom who loved life and loved to be outdoors.

We have a Worcester County Relay for life team and yes our name is "Hummingbirds". If you would like to donate to our team, please let one of our sales staff know and we will fill out a form for you.

Our store is dedicated to our Mom, Sue. If she were here today, she would greet you and make you feel welcome. We hope when you look at the hummingbird coming into the store, you will feel welcomed and relax while you are shopping, enjoying a cold one from the Wine and Beer Bar or toe tapping to some local live music in our Lounge area!